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Generation Hex at Vox Pop sneak peak.

This past Monday I spoke with a number of the other authors of Generation Hex at Vox Pop on subjects ranging from psychotropic drugs, magick and meditation to the myth of authority and the ways media can be used to keep us seperated from one anoter. I brought a DAT with me and recorded the event, so we could share it with a wider audience (though it was a packed house there, which was nice.)

The full version that'll be released on Disinfo will have a bump at the beginning with credits for speakers and music.

Those are(in order of 1st appearance): Jason Louv, Micki Pellerano, James Curcio (myself), and Shaun Frenté.

Music in this version: Coil, Babalon, Elektroworx, and subQtaneous. (The Coil may need to be pulled for the final release.)

This is live, unrehearsed, and mostly uncut. Much of what we cover is fairly basic but I think it went quite well all considered. I mainly talk on "authority" and read a passage from Join My Cult.

HERE IT IS. The final version'll probably be out in a little while.

If you dig... pick up a copy. And come to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors event on the 27th if you can! :)
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