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anti people now you've gone to far

anti banish live journal...

sockrilegious messiah
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This community is not about censorship. This community is not about dictatorship. However, dictators and censorers alike are allowed to join, but are subject to public humiliation.

If you do not approve of a community where every individual is responsible for their own actions and free to say or do whatever they please then please don't join.

All I ask as the supposed moderator is that we don't do anything to get this journal suspended, or else I might have to open an anti_suspension journal. I will only delete things if the Live Journal police give notice that they will soon take action to delete this journal.

If you are afraid you might see something that you don't like, please don't look.

If you are a banisher, then tread lightly and rethink your ways...


Anonymous posting is not disabled, but is solely reserved for pussies. If you post something anonymously, and ask me to delete it, I will tell you to piss off.

No banal banter allowed. All banal banter will be condemned to eventually scrolling off the page.

No banal sex. Banal sex is worse than banal banter. If you have banal sex you must excommunicate yourself from anti_banish or else I will personally see to it that absolutely nothing is done to change your boring sexual preferences.

Whining is not allowed, but may be tolerated if you have been banished from another community.

You can excommunicate yourself at any time, but requests to banish others will result in public humiliation.

No banishers allowed in here, only banishees. Prosecutors will be violated.

No whoring allowed. No anti whoring allowed.

Arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics; even if you win, your'e still retarded.

None of these rules actually apply.

Thank you for choosing anti_banish. Have a nice day, or go fuck yourself. Whichever you prefer.